Newsletter Service

The Design/Content:

We will work together to find a design that works for you.  If you have existing branding we will incorporate that into the design.  Some people like to provide content and have a large input in their newsletters, others do not.  I will work with you to develop the newsletter you want.  Typical content will include:

  • Market Statistics
  • Real Estate related article 
  • Non Real Estate related article or seasonal article
  • Your current Listings or recent Sold Listings
  • A word from you
  • Congratulations to buyer/seller, birthday greetings
  • Contests—trivia or a give away
  • Advertising for your preferred vendors
  • Contact us to book your initial consultation.

 The Cost:

  • Two page newsletter  $25/month plus an initial $75 template setup fee.
  • Four page newsletter $30/month plus an initial $75 template setup fee. 
  • Top Producer Email newsletter $25/month plus an initial $75 template fee. PDF provided for additional fee upon request

Top Producer:

We will upload a monthly newsletter template to your Top Producer which you can then send via the mass email feature in Top Producer.  We will provide a pdf version of the newsletter upon request for the months you would like to mail.


Each month you will receive a PDF version of the newsletter that you can print/mail, post to your website or attach to an email.

Get The Solutions offers three types of newsletters.  A printable newsletter delivered to you in PDF form, Top Producer newsletter, or electronic newsletter (using your enews format).

Contact us to book your initial consultation.