Free Consultation:  An Hour with A Consultant:
Lets get together to assess your needs and see where and how I can assist you! There is no obligation to sign a retainer contract and we can enjoy a cup of coffee together!

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Get The Solutions fees range from $25 - $45 per hour*.  I offer pricing based on your needs.  Wecan designed plans that will fit every budget. You decide on the plan that best suits your budget.*

Retainer Plans

Get The Solutions offers retainer plans for clients who can commit to a set amount of hours.  These are purchased at a discounted hourly rate*.  Retainer plans work on a diminishing balance.  Payment is made in advance.  We track what you have used and notify you as you are reaching the end of your retainer.

Examples of  plans:

  •    Purchase 10 hours of services – $240 per month
  •    Purchase 20 hours of services – $480 per month
  •    Purchase 40 hours of services – $960 per month

* Newsletter/Top Producer Training pricing not included on this page. Website work $35/hour.   Payment due on receipt of statement. 

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